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who did the music?


this game is fun but i wanna ask is there away to sell buildings?

becuase i have locked my self into a position were i have no room to build new building and cant get more room

Thank you for this amazing game!
If you want, you can check my full game playthrough here:


Any chance of a mobile or linux version?

very nice. one thing-- at the end, i had 8 full cthulhu temples. the unnamable key highlighted to indicate i could get it. but clicking it did nothing. i ended up coming back to the page for a bit to read the comments, and when i returned to the game, the world was a black void.

an unfortunate bug, but the game overall was very fun!


you have to place the key like any other building lmao


This was really fun.

This game is really cool, i like it 

This was AWESOME!

Thank you so much for all the work you put into making this!

Love this! Would I be able to contact you somewhere for a maybe-cool thing?

is there a save function to the game?

how do i mute its audio

Awesome is the only word to describe this


at first was just curious but stayed and beat the game very cool


adored this. great job, you guys :


An incredible game that all fans of city-builders NEED to play! The artwork is gorgeous and the music draws you into the world immediately. I lost myself in the world for hours trying to beat it on the hardest difficulty. Definitely of the best city builder games I have ever played.

Thank you so much for your message. <3

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Excellent clicker game!
I really like your choice of cthulu theme.
Very good pixelart!
Any chance for a native linux version?


Hello baguette fellas ! That's a fun tiny game you have here ^^


Fun Game. Except at the end they should show more of Cthulhu.

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Thanks! We have added a new building that invoke deep ones!


Wish I could play this on my Switch!

can this become downloadable been wanting to play on my pc without internet


You can now!

awwwwwws Yeah 

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Quite fun. Would appreciate a way to demolish or replace buildings, and a fix for the black world bug. Oh, and a few sounds effects would be great for game-feel! Even if they were just little tiny blips for when you press buttons and build stuff. There are a bunch of free GBA sound libraries and sound chip emulators you could use to make your own.

Interesting game, having an issue with the game kicking me out with a "Restore Game" option then my world is black.  Can still interact with icons but cant see the map at all.  


Cool game but, I had a bug where my factory that turns rocks into metal cost 103 rocks to build. But I only had space to hold 100 rocks and couldn't increase it because I need the metal to do that.


Thanks for making this! <3

I found a bug: when I restarted using f10, it cleared the buildings, but kept my accumulated resources, their relative storage capacities, and the increased prices of everything from before the reset.

Thanks for the report, didn't catch this one! Thanks again!

Fun game, overall I liked it. But would be nice to get an generator for the workers and be able to click thru buildings. For me the unnamed key building didn't seem to work. 

When you constructed the key, nothing happened?

Sorry for the bug, I'll try to see if I can reproduce it.

Oh, and I'm working on a building to generate population. Thanks for your feedback!

I don't know why but the key doesn't seem to work for me... I've thirteen temples now and over a 100 deep ones plus almost everything is level 8... did I go too far?

Playing on the easiest mode of course, maybe that impacts?

Anyway, great little game which seems like it'd be even better but for the frustration of not being able to finish! ;)

You have to place it like a building.

it's a nice game, i really lke it but i would like to save.

Also put a limit for the game area or a button to go back in the center of the map, i put my cursor on the top of the screen and a few secondes later i totaly lost my village

Hey! Thanks for your feedback, you can press space in order to focus the camera on your village. The info is hidden in the help menu.


Really nice game

Thanks! <3


Hi, nice clicker, even if i would prefer not to click one by one, but either hold mouse button down. It would physically hurt less. Also, i very often missplace a road when i want to place a building, not sure why. Playing on Linux with installed version. I'd love to see a more advanced game if you keep working on it.

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Maybe you could introduce a "trainer mode", in which one click would grant the player some 25~50 rocks, so as to avoid the exhaustive clicking, but focus more on the strategic aspect.

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Nice concept of a humour, good presentation, very clunky user interface, classic theme of a gameplay. Altogether, a solid city-sim, I think. If you like clickers, that is.

Thanks for the feedback. Can I ask you what issues did you have with the UI please?


In some layouts, placing a construction on a square behind yet another building, can be tricky. Universal mark for assigning of a construction is samewise as the one indicating the library in particular. These are the ones I remember best. There are other minor things, but I guess whether one thinks of them as an issue or not, depends on getting used to it.

Thanks a lot, I'll try to get this fixed next update.


Really nice game, it makes you want to turn into a speedrunner (without even liking chthlhulhtu...), well done :)

Thanks <3