A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Orphan Age is a life-sim game where you look after a band of orphans in a cyberpunk warzone.

Set against the backdrop of an unforgiving, neon-lit dystopian warzone, your only battle is the fight for survival, scraping out a living in the face of extreme danger. You will guide a band of orphans, each with their own skills, emotions, strengths, weaknesses and fears, through a dangerous and ever-changing city in a bitter struggle for survival.

Constantly balancing risk and reward, you must make the big decisions to ensure the group stays aliveBuild up your base, scavengecraft and explore the city for new recruits, whilst ensuring there are enough supplies to keep going, even when it seems all hope might be lost.

Orphan Age plays as a single player campaign with a lot of replayability inspired by the 4X genre. But there’s a twist!

4X stands for ExplorationExploitationExpansion and Extermination. In Orphan Age, we replace Extermination with Empathy, bending the 4X genre into a 4E.

The city of Orphan Age is ever-changing and procedural. You won't find the same building twice. There are high risks and high rewards when you explore. You can find rare resourcesOrphans to recruit, but you can also get wounded or worse...

Exploration is similar to the expeditions of Fallout Shelter: procedural text adventures. They offer more complexity though, because you have to make decisive choices while you're out of the orphanage.

Hundreds of resources are left to be scavenged in the Orphanage or in the city. They are classified in 6 categories that allow you to eat, drink, take care of wounds and to craft the items and resources you need to build your Orphanage. 

The Orphanage is the place your Orphans call home. The environment surrounding the Orphans greatly affects their moods. Try to keep the rooms lit, warm, furnished and clean for the happiness of all! 

There are 38 different items of furniture to build (beds, playgrounds, science mats, campfire, heaters...) and each one can be upgraded

Research allows you to discover better furniture and improve living conditions for the orphans.

Orphan Age is a deep micro-simulation making each Orphan unique in personality and in gameplay. The Orphans have different ages, set of skills, backgrounds and personality traits. Depending on who they are and how well they are, the Orphans will take different pathsanytime there is an issue to be discussed.


Install instructions

Play with a mouse and a keyboard!

Thanks for playing!

--- If downloads doesn't start for you, try these links : ---


Orphan Age - Demo - Windows (64bit)
Orphan Age - Demo - MacOS
Orphan Age - Demo - Linux

Development log


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It's insanly laggy. It  takes five minutes to open and switch between scenes. The charactor creating didn't work. My computer is now also lagging after I downloaded it.

I have Windows 10 and I keep trying to launch the game but it keeps crashing

We just have updated the demo, I hope it works now!

It still isn't working for me. Do you guys have a 32bit download?


Can't download

Is this game still being made?

Hi there!

I was so excited when I found this game so I downloaded it on my mac. Shortly after downloading it and opening it a screen appeared saying: "The Application Orphan Age Demo Can't Be Opened." I was wondering if you could find out why its doing this. I even dragged it to my desktop and it still didn't work. Thank you though for creating this wonderful game!


This game is really good, I love it!

I made a youtube video of it, I hope you guys like it! 

this looks incredible

Will it ever be completed?



I found your game while scrolling through Itch.io and I've taken quite an interest in your game and was wondering if its possible to make a video out of your game? I'd like to show your game to other people.

Have a nice day!

^ . ^

(1 edit)

Thanks Kimmy! You are 100% free to make a video. We have to update the demo on Itch, it should be live at the end of the day!

Have a nice day too!

Thank you for allowing me to make a video! I'll wait for the update before I play it.

The update is live! Have fun and don't forget to share your video, we can't wait to see it!


hi is the game still being made? :)

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Yes! But the auto update on Itch wasn't working. I'll push the last version today!

none of my games on itch dont work and idk wh

I'm in the process of making the music, then I'll put the game up for download, hope it will fix your issues!

Really enjoying the demo, if I had any gripes it's with the interface. Mechanics and gameplay feel good, but just navigating the interface feels a bit tricky, colour schemes seem to vanish into some areas and the overall size feels like it might benefit from being larger. Minor gripes, really.

very interesting concept and wow AMAZING ARTWORK

hi hi are we closer to public beta yet? :D

Mine downloaded

can't download it on windows 64 bit


I can't download it

Same, i thought it was my computer so i restarted it but it still wont download.

What are you using? Is it Windows or Mac or Linux?

I tried windows and max because my brother wanted this game for his computer as well and he has a mac but when i tried both neither of them worked.

Hey! Sorry I missed your message, we are going to update the demo within 10 days, we'll try to fix the issue ASAP! Sorry for the inconvenience...

I cant download it for windows as well :(

didnt work

hiya,how is progress? do we have a possible eta? 

We still aim to release a public Early Access around February or March, we are in Private Beta with our Kickstarter backers right now. :)


Interesting concept, but putting a time limit on the demo is pretty annoying for a game that's still in such early development. If you want people to really test out your game, don't kick them out after a short time. Also, it runs pretty laggy on my computer, which should be able to handle these graphics. Had to turn graphics to lower settings to not have severe input lag.

Windows 10, Intel I5-7300HQ (2.5 GHz, 4-core), 8 GB RAM, NVidia GTX 1050 Ti


As I commented before you have an amazing game going. I probably could let's play like 100 videos of your game. I won't though as, I don't think anybody but, myself would want to see that! I figured a part 2 would be fine though to showcase some more things in your game and, see how I "explored" with the main orphan called Kian.

Thank you very much Raithias ! :D


This game is great! Only problem is I get 15-25 fps on minimum quality. Still, its a great game!

Hi ! On which platform are you on, and with which hardware please ?

Im on Windows. It was probably my ram because when I upgraded my ram it fixed the lag

(1 edit) (+1)

Just downloaded the Linux version, running Xubuntu 18.04 with nVidia driver running two nVidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti cards in Xinerama mode. First off, the zip file doesn't open a new game directory, of it's own. It would be better if it did. The two binary files wouldn't execute until I issued: "chmod +x" to the file names. Then it opened right up,  after deciding to run the 64bit version, but the mouse wouldn't make anything click to open. The music played just fine. I have 16 gigs of system ram and 8 gigs of total video ram.

Can a log file be generated so I can send it to you?


BTW the mouse cursor works and moves around, it's just that clicking does nothing. Here's what I get on the terminal:

ric@iam:~/Downloads/Orphan$ ./OrphanAgeDemo.x86_64 Xlib:  extension "RANDR" missing on display ":0.0".
Set current directory to /opt/ric/Downloads/Orphan
Found path: /opt/ric/Downloads/Orphan/OrphanAgeDemo.x86_64
Mono path[0] = '/opt/ric/Downloads/Orphan/OrphanAgeDemo_Data/Managed'
Mono config path = '/opt/ric/Downloads/Orphan/OrphanAgeDemo_Data/Mono/etc'
Preloaded 'ScreenSelector.so'
Preloaded 'libsteam_api.so'
Unable to preload the following plugins:
Player data archive not found at `/opt/ric/Downloads/Orphan/OrphanAgeDemo_Data/data.unity3d`, using local filesystem
Logging to /home/ric/.config/unity3d/Studio Black Flag/Orphan Age/Player.log


Ahha! Found it in the log file:

"Fallback handler could not load library /opt/Orphan/OrphanAgeDemo_Data/Mono/x86_

It is missing for both 32 and 64bit, I checked.

Hey ! Thank you for your report, I adding this bug in the bugtracker ;)

Wow! That was quick! Thanks. Ric


the game doesn't work after the create a character page, it just crashes

Outch... Can you tell me your spec please ?

what are specs again sorry

Ahah specs is probably not very english, my bad ^^
What platform are you on and what's your hardware ?

the platform that im on is mac but i don't know where to find my hardware

Damn... we do not have tested it on mac, we only know that for most players on mac it works... Have you tried to lower the settings ?


This looks really promising. Wonderful aesthetic and a powerful groundwork for something rich and engaging as far as sims go. I was hoping to feature it on my channel but I unfortunaely couldn't play it for more than a few minutes as the icons and text are way too small for me and the game hurts my eyes. If you ever add an update where we can change the size of the hud elements, I'll definitely come back to it but good job so far!

Thank you tenchfroast for your kinds words, we're currently fixing texts size, and I hope this will be fixed next week !

The text background that explains the permanent traits on the character creation screen makes it very difficult to read them at small text sizes and if you have more than four the background behind the text background makes them impossible to read.


Orphan Age is an, amazing game. There is just so many things Studio Black Flag has done right with this game. The graphics and, atmosphere really paint an amazing scene. The dialog from what I played through was thought out and, fit the theme. They took things we know and, love about games like The Sims but, put their own unique twist on it and, made something truly unique. You won't want to put this game down I, know i'm hooked on this game so far!

Hey Raithias ! Thank you very much for your warm support and for this youtube video !


Hi, im having some trouble with the linux download. first of i cant seem to extract the zip file has it complains about the file not being a valid zip file, and secondly (probably the reason for the first issue) the size of the linux zip file is only 19.8 MiB while the windows version is 613 MiB.

Right now im downloading the windows version and seeing if i can make it work through wine because the game looks great. ^_^


Hey thank you ! I just fixed it, you can now download the linux version ;)


So with the 64bit, everything is all cool at the beginning until I get to the customization screen and start clicking around, everything crashes. I then try the 34bit, and I can't even get to the tutorial/no tutorial screen before it crashes.


same thing this is a game i'd love to try out but, I get the same problems as lazilazuli.

Hey It must be resolved ;)


Does it work on Windows 7?

Yes ! from 7 to 10 ;)


i love the game keep the good work up!

Thank you for your video ! :D


Thank you for the amazing game! i cant wait to see what you do with it!

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Hey I was just wondering if anyone knows how to fix unity.dll not being found.

EDIT: Nvm I figured it out.

It seems that there's a problem with itch.io downloads, here's the direct links : 

Windows 64bit
Windows 32bit

Sorry for inconvenience

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Hey guys there is a problem with dowload both on Steam and here - just tried it. 
Here - after clicking download (win64 and 32) nothing's happening.
On Steam - similar. After completing download (0 Kb/s) it says there is a problem with some files. 
Adblocks are off.


We're just in the process of updating all the demos, we'll look into this ASAP as it should have finished now

Hey thank you very much for the report, I'll see what's going on with Steam asap
For itch.io I put direct links right above ;)


Really nice and very cool game! little more big letters and everything is perfect <3

P.S. save game don't works? Yesterday i save game, today i wanted to continue game but continue and load buttons doesn't worked. :( 

Hey UHDG ! Thanks for your support !
Unfortunately Save & Load are locked in the demo :/


I really enjoyed the game and am looking foward to the full realease. I was just wondering if you were ever planing on making the letters bigger. My screen is pretty small so there were times when I couldn't read.

Hello ! Thank you for playing Orphan Age !
Text size is one of our biggest weakness, lot of people asking us to fix that and we will do ! It's a long work because there's lot of texts in the game and modifying size will transform/change all the interfaces ^^'


Spanish pls


The game is still early in it's development so localisation hasn't happened yet. We'll keep you updated ;)


is it not out yet?

(1 edit)

Hi Sandpixie, the game is still in development, we will launch a private alpha in 2 weeks on Steam and an Early Access will be launch this winter! :)


oh cool! could it possibly be on windows 7 or 8? not everyone uses window 10 ya know D:

Of course we hope that our game will work on as much computers as possible, I think that the demo already works under windows 7-8 but we don't have any computer with win7-8 to test it ^^'


awesome! haha oh we shall see then :P


yay! it's working on my windows 7 :D <3 btw is the player character a boy or a girl?? don't want to end up naming a girl mike or something :'D


ahah cool to read that !
The first one selected is a boy then a girl, a boy, a girl ....


Great game! I really enjoyed it! Survive as an orphan and making your own group. It reminded me of warcraft abit (I know it is not related to the topic). You can have 1 kid do that, and another kid do this. As for the price I'd have to say no as it is still updating, as much as I would want to buy this game, but for now its a no due to the game still updating. Thanks for releasing a demo though, it gave me a insight view of how it is played and I got to experience the gameplay and mechanics of Orphan Age! Good lucky to your team and future update towards the game,  I will be looking foward to it :)

Hope you don't mind I made a video on Orphan Age, I just wanted to share my experience and first time playthrough. 


Thank you so much for your support and for YT video you made ! :D


Hey Layar!

Just wanted to share my experience! Thx!


Hey Myerax, 

Would you mind if we shared this video across our social networks? 


Hey KrisWB. Go ahead!


First, you should know that I love every kind of 4X, strategy or management games.

So I really happy that you made a demo version that we can try out. This is a very rare things nowadays! 

So I tried out the demo, and...I really-really-really pissed of, because of the HYPE you pushing; that your game is BENDING THE 4X GENRE! It turned out, that I don't play a SINGLE SECOND with your game, because I literally rage-quit at the character screen, and immediately deleted the whole thing!

The reason(s) why:
The text is so small, that it is Impossible to read anything, so I switched to the smallest possible resolution, because IN EVERY SINGLE GAME EVER, if you use smaller resolution the text become LARGER. I don't know what happening in your game, but the text are the same incredibly small. Literally just made out of  2 or 3 pixels and they smudged (antialiased, regardless it is turned off!). I can't even imagine what happens if I switch to larger resolutions...Maybe it is recommended to use an electron-microscope to read the text?

I started the game with the tutorial, of course, and it said if I move my mouse cursor over something it shows what it is. So I moved the cursor over a trait, and it started to write out the text about that trait, and about the 3rd row of text, the already incredibly small text become even smaller! What? Can you tell me how we supposed to read that text that is LITERALLY just a smudgy spot on my screen made out of 2-3 pixels? I never see this kind of thing what your game doing, why don't you simply just using normal fonts, so they can be read?

The next thing that made me hate your game on the first place, is those so annoyingly over-bloomed  neon everything! Even the first comment on Youtube complaining about it! It literally made the whole thing ugly as hell.

Oh, and if I already mentioned the word UGLY, I tell you what is the 3rd thing (and the worst in your game) what made me "never-want-to-see-this-thingy-again".

The characters!

When I scroll through the possible characters at the character-screen, I totally understand why those kids become orphaned! 100% that their parents leave them behind; nobody want those so incredibly ugly, retarded faced abominations as their kids! Sorry, but this is the truth, they are ugly as f...! If I look at the title screen, the same that is here in the top of the page, with that 3 kid; that make those in-game character EVEN WORST! The title screen is a really masterpiece of art, I just can't believe how you managed to make them so bad looking?

I think you never will change and fix all what I mentioned, so I think you lose another customer who wanted to buy your game at first glance! Or prove me wrong!


(2 edits)

Thank you very much for testing the demo and sharing your point of view with us! :)
We love receiving negative reviews because they allow us to improve the game. I have to tell you that you just played an early version of the game (the problems with resolutions and texts sizes are known and will be fixed asap) so a lot of things will be polished with the feedbacks of the community ;)


Hey Gofri, 

I would encourage you to view the Open Bugs Tracker and join our Discord server. This way you'll see the work that is going to fix the issues, and you'll also be able to chat to our community who will testify to the amount of work going in. Bugs are being fixed daily, you have our promise on that. 

Don't worry though, we'll definitely be proving you wrong ;) 

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